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Enjoy ultra-wide performance, TTL metering, and precision distance measuring with the Zörk-Heliar on Contax G rangefinder cameras.

Product available on a built-to-order basis. Contact us for ordering information.

Voigtlander-Cosina produces some of the finest quality ultra-wide angle lenses currently available. Rangefinder camera owners have benefited greatly from having these lenses available to supplement the offerings from manufacturers such as Leica, Konica, Ricoh, and others. However, the users of Contax G cameras were not able to take advantage of these lenses because of the difficulties involved in adapting them to the Contax G mount.

First offered in Germany in 2000 and available on a built-to-order basis today, Zörk offers the 12/5.6, 15/4.5 and other Voigtlander lenses in Contax G mount. The "Zörk-Heliars" are true conversions - not adapted lenses. The peculiarities of the Contax G mount precluded the use of a simple screw mount to G mount adapter ring. Rather, a re-engineering and machining solution was required. 

The differences in the G mount and body cavity relative to the Leica screw (LT) or M mount, as well as very slight variations in the barrel dimensions of individual Heliars, necessitate a complete lens conversion. Zörk has invested considerable development and testing efforts into creating the Zörk-Heliar conversions, which are quite involved technically. First, the Heliar lens is disassembled, the original mount removed, and a new, thinner wall rear housing section (the part that protrudes into the body) is fitted to the lens. The Contax G lens mount is then machined and matched to the specific Heliar, along with the proper shimming, to provide correct flange-to-film-plane distance and centering. With some samples, the rear housing of the Heliar must be machined as well to ensure proper alignment. All conversions are elaborately tested on a G body to ensure proper functioning.


The Zörk-Heliar conversion uses a mount of anodized, heat-treated, aluminum. The black anodized mount eliminates the possibility of any stray light being reflected back onto the film. Also, the anodizing provides much better paint adhesion than does painted steel. The aluminum mount is extremely durable, less likely to wear the Contax steel mount than steel mount lenses, and the tactile feel of the lens mounting and dismounting is very smooth and extremely precise (in this regard, exactly like the standard Zeiss lenses). The fit and finish of the mount is typically Zörk: strong, beautifully finished, with a hand-crafted look.


The Zörk-Heliars work wonderfully on the G cameras, and cost less than the Zeiss Hologon 16/8 while offering greater wide-angle coverage than the Zeiss 21mm Biogon. Unlike the Zeiss Hologon 16, the Zörk-Heliars retain TTL metering. Also, unlike with the other platforms for the Heliar ultrawides, all of which require "guesstimate" focusing, the G’s distance indicating rangefinder allows the user to take relatively accurate distance readings and then transfer these to the Zörk-Heliar’s focusing scale for accurate focus. The Zörk-Heliars do have extremely wide depth-of-field, but it’s also reassuring to know the actual camera-to-subject distance and have focus set accordingly. 

Zörk has both the 12/5.6 and 15/4.5 Heliars available for the Contax G in black and chrome finish. When ordering please specify color preference. All lenses come with viewfinders and original Voigtlander packaging. We also include a custom fit rear lens cap (required because of the additional rear element protrusion).

Contax G1 and G2 shown with G Mount Heliars, chrome and black lenses with finders.









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